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About me

Hi, I'm Jelle. I've always had a passion for computers and the technology behind them. Thats why I started programming at the age of 9, in the mean time I have learned multiple languages by myself. Right now I'm studying Computer Science at the Leiden University of Applied Sciences, so I can make programming my job.

In my free time I like to cycle on my mountainbike as well as play games on my battlestation. I have build up quite the game library in my time gaming, with a lot of games in my library you could say I like collecting games.

Feel free to check out my game library or some of the coding projects I work on!

Gender Male
Country Holland
Food Sushi
Color Green
Personality INTP-A
A picture of Jelle Glebbeek

Skills & Development


The youtube-dl-gui logo
Electron / NodeJS

An easy to use program to download videos and playlists from YouTube and many more services.

The easy sphere viewer logo.
Easy Sphere Viewer
Electron / NodeJS

View 360 degree photospheres and cubemaps with this fast and really straightforward program.

A picture of the website
Web Development

The site you are on right now, with some information about me and the projects I work on.

A picture of the website
Web Development / Angular

A simple but good looking website where paintings that are up for sale get showcased.

The logo of GM4
GameMode 4
Java / Spigot

A minecraft plugin derived from the popular GM4 datapacks which adds tons of new features to the game.

A photo of my computer setup
Master Squidwards

My very own setup where I spend most of my days. The name obviously comes from Spongebob (don't ask why).

More info

Currently working for: Shockbyte

Do you have a project you need a developer for? I have tons of experience with all kinds of programming languages and projects. Contact me below if you are interested in hiring me for a project, or if you simply want some more information about the services I can provide.

Shockbyte logo

Hit me up!

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